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“Sometimes love and loss hold hands together.”

Michael Faudet  

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“You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever.

That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”

How I Met Your Mother

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Chapter 2 The Ex

Her day starts with pressure and depression but the experiences she had growing up is enough to brush all these. She has learned to deal with it and live with it.
Some patients would joke with her some just gets angry.
The month is December. Its the season she just let pass.
“so Annie what are your plans tjis holiday season?” its her co worker Kayla
She thinks
“I’ll be spending Christmas at my aunts house and New Year at Bali” she answered smiling
“no way! really?you’re kidding right? who are you with?” Kayla asked
“Just me” she answered plainly
“huh?really?” kayla uttered
“why?do I have to be someone to go to other places or country?” she asked
Kayla just nodded,Annie looked at her she knows what she’s thinking, that she’s bluffing, the hell with that!

Her shift ended at 4pm qith last errands from her Head Nurse. She wanted to go home but decided to stop by a mall and grab early dinner. This is what she do when she’s on the day shift. She would tire herself before going home. This is better than staying at her apartment and check on her Facebook and see how people were doing..

The mall was her safe haven she sees a lot of things,window shopping and sometimes buy stuffs for herself. She stops by a cafe, orders a clubhouse sandwich and some juice. No caffeine for today she needs sleep.

She enjoys this place,the smell of coffee the relaxing music and the ambience. The place os decorated with wall paintings of Paris, the tables with checkered tablecloths and with a small flower vase for a centerpiece.
She smiles at the look of the place,took her phone and took a photo of her meal.

CAPTION: early dinner for me! yum! ^_^”

"Annie?" that voice she knew so well..from a past not so long ago. She glanced at the person. She forces a smile
“hey nick” she replied

It was Nick, her ex boyfriend. The boy she gave a lot of her time care and love to. The boy who never fought for her.

"so how are you?"Nick asked smiling
“I’m fine” she replied. tensed.
“are you with somebody? can I sit?” Nick asked
“oh where are my manners. No,sure its just me”she replied.
Nick sat infront of her and looked at her
“So,how have you been?”nick asked
“I think I answered that already,actually I asked you and you haven’t answered that yet” Annie replied
“oh yeah fine..well I’m good,I’m going back to Qatar next week” he answered
They both kept quiet.
“so you stilk work there?” Nick asked
She nodded smiling and continues to eat her dinner
“well are you meeting someone here?or are you getting some take out food?” Annie asked slightly smiling
“yeah, I’m meeting up with someone but she’s not here yet” he answered
“she” annie repeats the name in her mind
She just kept quiet and continue to eat
“are you free friday?Mia is giving me a farewell party maybe you could come?” Nick asked
“I can’t..I’m on night duty on Friday” she lied
Nick just sighed and Annie started to stand up to leave. Nick standa up too
“you’re leaving?” he asks
“yeah, I have to go…its getting late and I still need to get some sleep” annie replies
“uh ok,I understand” Nick uttered
Annie starts to walk away when Nick held her hand
“I miss you..I’m truly sorry” he uttered
“Its all good” she replied and left.

On her way back she thought about what happened. Nick is a muslim guy who is fixed to be married to someone from Qatar. She met him thru a friend. It was clear from the beginning that theirs will never last but still she was hopeful that it would change and it didn’t. He never fought for him and she didn’t want him to sacrifice his future for her. She sighed “its all good” she tells herself.


Chapter 1 So called boring life

Her phone alarm was the most and yet the most effective alarm tone ever! It wakes her up at exactly an hour before her time in which is 6am.

Her job would probably be the most depressing one. Being assigned as a nurse in a Dialysis Department is never a dream job. Having to treat patients making them feel better letting them hope that it will be better and eventually some or most of them don’t make it. Everyday striving to find humor at some point just to lighten things up. Well,that is her reality.

She gets up and prepare her things. She looks at the mirror brush her teeth and take a shower.
She looks at the ref check out what she can have breakfast.
“Gosh” she sighed
she closes the ref picks up her things checked her apartment and left.

What’s good about her place is that its just a 20mins walk to the hospital. She passes by greenery and looked at people jogging and walking their dogs, she looks at them and sighs “As if that helps” she utters to herself.

This is how she is.

A few minutes later she’s at the hospital, 15mins early. She checks in and went to her locker. She she looks at her phone checks in to her Facebook account
“hello peeps back to work again 😤😧”
she puts her phone in her pocket.
As she walks the hall she ties her hair. Inside the dialysis center she looks at the list of patients scheduled for the day.

"oh okay"

There is a face deep in your mind
One that your heart won’t leave behind
Memories are cold-empty of laughs
And all that remains are photographs

When she’s gone there are no reasons
Nature’s cruel - it’s just different seasons
Going on and on

There is a voice deep in your soul
Telling your not to lose control
And day after day you hold back the tears
‘cos pain is the greatest of your fears

johnny hates jazz

nothing beats the 80’s music


Today I see you smiling again

I try to comfort myself by smiling too

So I guess its true,  you and I are through

And its tie to start over again

Again, again ahhhh—gain

But how do I begin, when everything I knew

Was when I was with you…

Where do I start, when my world is falling apart

But I take courage while looking at you,

Looking at her, with a smile on your face,

I try to smile again…smile again…

When everything and anything that goes around me

Was you…

When time seems to stop, everytime that I was with you..

So how do I start picking up the pieces of the shattered dreams i made with you

So I pray, I pray…help me start over again….ahhh gain…

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CL 이동욱 CASS Light CF (by dcspritetok)


i don’t know what to say about this…


i don’t know what to say about this…

2012 BIG BANG COVER - bad boy (bad girl/female version) (by IzzyLovesMusiCk)

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“For so long I was thinking if I was over you…and today I saw you, I realized…its all in this past…”